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The Flex Belt® vs. Ab Flex

Ab Flex from Sport-Elec is an electronic muscle stimulation product designed to tone the abdominal muscles. This piece of equipment utilizes light electrical pulses to contract the muscles in the abdomen, simulating the act of exercise without requiring the user to move. The four built in toning pads plus an included one month supply of conductor gel allows Ab Flex�s current to pass to key muscles painlessly.

Ab Flex is worn around the middle�it is cloth and adjustable to fit snugly against the skin. Once the AbFlex�s batteries are in place and the unit is switched on the person using it can select one of several intensity levels. Though the control console on this product protrudes from one size Ab Flex itself is slim enough to wear under clothing. Sport-Elec states typical results from regular use are 1 cm of loss in 2 weeks.

How Does Ab Coaster® compare to The Flex Belt?

  The Flex Belt® Ab Flex
How much does it cost? $199.00 plus $12.95 S&H $114.89 ($14.95 trial fee, three payments of $29.99, plus $9.97 S&H)
Are there any 3rd party clinical trials to back up the claims? YES. Multiple Clinical Trials. In a 6-week clinical trial: 100% of the participants reported that their abs felt more toned and firmed & 92.3% felt the firmness of their ab muscles increased. NO. There are no published 3rd Party Clinical Studies for Ab Flex.
Is it FDA cleared? Please note that most products are not required to be FDA Cleared. This is a status that makes the Flex Belt unique. YES. The makers of The Flex Belt are the first and original to gain FDA Clearance for this type of product. YES
Do you need exercise while using it? NO NO
When can you use it? While at home, at work, watching TV, surfing the net, exercising, folding laundry, cooking, talking on the phone, helping the kids with their homework, taking a walk... virtually anywhere and anytime. While exercising or performing other tasks.
Can you tone other parts of the body?

YES, you can add additional toning units that are specifically designed and fitted to be worn on other parts of the body. These additional units are individually FDA Cleared to toning, strengthening, and firming these specific body parts. Click here to learn more about the Flex Range of products.

NO, Ab Flex cannot be used for other parts of the body.
Is it portable? How big is it? YES, comes with free travel pouch and weighs less than one pound YES – can be worn or carried easily. Weight unknown.
Is it discreet? YES, the belt is very fitted to the stomach and not bulky in any way. The remote is very small and tucks away in a small pouch on the side of the belt. You can wear it discretely under clothing and while doing virtually anything. NO, Ab Flex can be worn under loose clothing but control panel may still be conspicuous.
Does it require hard work or motivation? NO, you do not need to exercise during a Flex Belt toning session NO, tones without exercise.
Does it require batteries? No. It comes with a rechargeable power supply unit. YES
What is the "Satisfaction Guarantee" period? For a full 60-Days any order can be returned for a full refund. 30 Days
What is the "Product Warranty" period? Two Years 30 Days
Do they ship internationally? YES Unknown
Do they have toll free ordering and customer service? YES: (800) 222-7154 YES
Is there bonus material with your order? YES! Your Flex Belt Order Comes with a Free One Year Subscription to either Fitness, Elle or Maxim Magazine (retail value is $50) and 30 Days Access to Our Patent Pending Online Meal Planning Technology (retail value is $50). These generous gifts are special limited time offers presented by our sponsors. A combined value of $100 in bonus materials! Included workout DVDs and booklets. Value unknown.
What is the delivery time for domestic orders? Approximately 1 week Standard shipping times after a 24 hour processing period.

We feel the strengths of both The Flex Belt & Ab Flex are evident. Our mission is to help our customers achieve the attractive figure they want and we hope that The Flex Belt and/or Ab Flex helps you tone, tighten and strengthen your body. This information was provided to help you make an informed decision. Good Luck with whatever product or program you choose.
--The Flex Belt Nutrition Team