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Slendertone System Abs Comparison | TheFlexBelt.com
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A lot of people are asking what the difference is between Slendertone Abs and The Flex Belt. The products look very similar and are virtually the same in how they operate. The difference between them is very simple: The Flex Belt is a special edition Ab Belt that is a more powerful and sophisticated version of the Slendertone Abs Belt.

Slendertone is actually the Manufacturer of The Flex Belt, however Slendertone does not sell The Flex Belt directly and it is NOT available on their official website. The Flex Belt can only be purchased on the official Flex Belt website: www.TheFlexBelt.com .

The differences between The Flex Belt and Slendertone Abs are the following:

Slendertone Abs was already the best Abdominal Toning Belt available. It is far superior to other Ab Belts in the market like Contour Abs or Ab Flex. Slendertone has always made the best equipment available and they were the first Ab Belt to be Cleared by the FDA for Strengthening, Toning and Firming the Abdominal Muscles. Now with their latest special edition model, The Flex Belt is by far the most effective Ab Belt available...

So between The Flex Belt and Slendertone Abs, which belt do you buy? Well you can rest assured you are going to get a great product either way you go. It really comes down to an extra $100 for The Flex Belt. For that extra $100, would you rather have the most powerful belt available that is 50% stronger, has 3 extra training programs, and some very valuable Bonus Materials?

The Extra 50% Strength:
The benefits to having the extra 50% strength is obviously so that you can keep progressing. As you use these effective Ab Belts your stomach muscles get stronger and your endurance increases. With continued use you can increase the intensity to level 150 with The Flex Belt, while the Slendertone Abs stops at intensity level 99. This depends on how seriously you plan on toning, strengthening and firming your stomach. Some people never even reach intensity level 99 with Slendertone Abs, while others get their quickly. Additionally it is important to note that people who have several inches of stomach fat do not feel the intensity near as much as those who have less stomach fat because the extra fat makes the muscles harder to reach. These people with the extra inches around the waist reach the 99 intensity level with Slendertone Abs very quickly.

The Additional 3 Training Programs:
The benefits to the extra three training programs are for those people that really want to work their stomach muscles in different ways to keep their Ab Workouts progressing. It is common that one program might become less effective after you have been doing it for a while because your abdominal muscles get used to that workout. Changing up the programs keeps this from happening. Additionally some people prefer to rotate the various programs frequently because it works the muscles in different ways and the results progress more quickly. For some users the 7 programs with Slendertone Abs will be plenty, while with others the extra 3 programs with The Flex Belt is an attractive feature. Lastly – some programs might not be a good fit for some people so having the extra programs in The Flex Belt might help them find a good variety of programs they do like to work with.

The Bonus Materials:
For a lot of consumers, the Bonus Materials are very nice added value, while to others they don't care about them and just want their Ab Belt. If you want some good exercise tips, the Slendertone Abs Exercise & Nutrition Guide will be a nice bonus. If you want to really enhance your nutrition, The Flex Belt Meal Planner Technology is a very impressive. The engine that powers the Flex Belt meal planning technology was designed by one of NASA's lead engineers. We've licensed this patent-pending technology so that we can provide it to our valued customers to help them achieve their weight loss goals and to provide them with advanced nutrition. This goes far beyond basic food journaling. The Flex Belt Meal Planner uses artificial intelligence (inspired by NASA robotic technology) to allow users to see deficiencies and weaknesses in their nutrition, and learn how to correct them to be healthier and/or lose weight depending on what your goals are.

Some people appreciate the 1 year magazine subscription to the Healthy Lifestyle Magazines. They are all top rated titles filled with good recipes, exercise routines and other good tips. Please note: At no time will your credit card number be shared or billed for the magazine. This is a 1-year subscription with no hidden charges, obligations or automatic renewals. You will not pay one penny more than your Flex Belt purchase price to receive this awesome magazine offer. ***Please note this is just a fun bonus and you can choose to not take any free subscription at all if you would prefer not to have one.

The Flex Belt vs. Slendertone Abs – Conclusion:
These are without question the two best Abdominal Toning Belts available. It really comes down to what you are after. For some, the Slendertone Abs for $99 is all they need, while others would rather spend the extra $100 and get the superior model because they want to have the ability to advance further with their toning, strengthening and firming. We hope you do choose either one of these awesome products and we know you will be very happy with the results. Remember that both The Flex Belt and Slendertone Abs stand by their products with a full 60-day Money Back Guarantee....so you have nothing to lose and only a more attractive stomach to gain. Enjoy!